Are your Metal intake levels below the RWL (Recommended Weekly Levels)? Then you've come to just the right place. Take a seat, set your Mosh buffers to maximum and get ready to experience pure, unadulterated Metal. Don't be worried if your heart rate increases and your pupils dilate. That's perfectly normal, as is the sudden rhythmic twitching in your neck muscles. Go with it. Let the Power of Metal flow through you.

Incidentally, if you like what you hear, you could help me out by heading over to and dropping me the price of a coffee or a beer. If you do, you'll get access to the Wyrd Ways Rock Show Discord server, you'll get access to the latest edition of the show before anyone else and the ability to request songs (and guarantee them being played), suggest subjects for WHO Knows and new Heavy Metal Science Teacher videos. You'll also get bonuses like the Thrash Hour, The Power Hour or Trad Metal Meltdown at semi-regular intervals. Ideal for working out to. Or something.

Not bad for a couple of quid a month, is it? 

Ahem... Let's get back to business.

Buckle up, buttercup.

One way express elevator to Hell...GOING DOWN!!