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Wyrd Ways Rock Show

Episode 11 · 1 year ago

WWRS: The Forge 2.10 - The One With The REALLY Long Songs


Don't panic... Empire Of The Clouds isn't one of the long songs in this week's edition of The Forge. I do have SOME taste and discernment!

Anyway, getting away from slagging off what is probably the worst song recorded by one of my favourite bands...

Remember back in the old days of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show I used to have a bit of a weakness for playing very, very long songs? You will probably be glad to know I still have that weakness. There are a number of tracks in this week's show that last longer than 10 minutes.

One even clocks in at over 20 minutes.

As for the rest... well, really, all the songs bar the one I play out on are brand new, having arrived in my Inbox within the last week or so. Give the show a listen and you will be treated to new songs by Old School Metal bands like Cirith Ungol, Nightblade and Thor and a selection of new up-and-comers like Sinisthra, Kult Of The Skull God and Deathless Legacy.

Only the Helloween track, which was requested by one of our Patrons, Ms Steph Hewitt, has been on my main music hard drive for longer than a week.

Anyway... Mosh buffers to maximum and play it loud!

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