Wyrd Ways Rock Show 2.03


After last week's show, I thought I'd go a bit Heavier this time out. So for those of you who like a bit more Thrash and Death Metal in your auditory diet, there's a little more for you to get your teeth into.

That doesn't mean the fans of Hard Rock and Power Metal are left high and dry, though. There's definitely a few moments for you in there, too. Personal picks for this week among the new stuff include Thrasherwolf, Defecto and Schwarzer Engel. This week's Spotlight band are also something of a personal favourite, having seen them absolutely steal the show when supporting Orange Goblin at the original Bradford Rios many moons ago and again at the Damnation Festival in Leeds a few years later.

As usual, if you want to get in touch to ask for a song or contribute to Russian Roulette or suggest a band for Covered or Spotlight, you can talk to me via the Contact page at, on Twitter @wyrdwaysrock or on Facebook . If you become a Patreon Subscriber you also get access to the Discord, you get the show at higher sound quality and earlier than anyone else AS WELL AS several exclusive subscriber-only bonus shows such as The Thrash Hour, The Power Hour and The Trad Metal Meltdown which are all the ideal length for your workout, commute or whatever else you need an concentrated burst of PROPER HEAVY METAL to get you through.

Be impure! Be vigilant! Misbehave!

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Episode 3 · 2 years ago

WWRS: The Forge 1.04

The best laid plans, eh? Wasn't that Shakespeare himself who came up with that one?

Anyway. Let's get back into The Forge. This one was supposed to come out last weekend, but I forgot to take my laptop with me when we went on a family trip to Edinburgh.

Which is an excellent place, by the way. Didn't get to go in, but there's a club there by the name of Opium that definitely appears to have the right attitude, going by it's poster.

Let's have some Metal...

Episode 4 · 2 years ago

WWRS: The Forge 1.03

The first show of 2019, featuring some PROPER Heavy Metal, following in the footsteps of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show. With a few names dropping off during my lay off, I realized it was time to get this thing going again properly.

Accept no substitute.

The Forge prevails.

Episode 5 · 2 years ago

WWRS: The Forge 1.02 - An Entry for The Olympic Waffling Competition in 2020

Prepare for a dangerous journey through the brain of a tired presenter, late at night after being on his own at home all day with no one to talk to.  Except for the cats.  Obviously there's some cracking tunage, as there always is on The Forge, but... oh I don't half ramble on!

Listen, enjoy and don't be put off by the stream of consciousness!

Episode 6 · 2 years ago

WWRS: The Forge 1.01

The Wyrd Ways Rock Show has retired.  It's time for something new.

Welcome to The Forge.

Hot Metal.