Wyrd Ways Rock Show 2.04


I know I say this pretty much every time, but there's a whole load of new stuff in this latest edition of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show. You have my cast iron guarantee you will hear something in this show that you've never heard before. You may even discover your new favourite band. There's certainly enough candidates. Before I started compiling the playlist even I'd never heard seventeen of these songs before.

Not only is there an absolute f*ck-tonne of new stuff, there's also all your favourite regular features like Covered, Spotlight (where I play some tracks from a band you may have forgotten about - shame on you!) and Russian Roulette (where YOU can pick the songs).

As usual, if you want to get in touch to ask for a song or contribute to Russian Roulette or suggest a band for Covered or Spotlight, you can talk to me via the Contact page , on Twitter @wyrdwaysrock or on Facebook . If you become a Patreon Subscriber at you also get access to the Discord, you get the show at higher sound quality and earlier than anyone else AS WELL AS several exclusive subscriber-only bonus shows such as The Thrash Hour, The Power Hour and The Trad Metal Meltdown which are all the ideal length for your workout, commute or whatever else you need an concentrated burst of PROPER HEAVY METAL to get you through.

Anyway. Time to set your Mosh buffers to maximum and redline the Trash drives!

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Episode 4 · 11 months ago

WWRS: The Forge 2.06 - It's Leap Day!

Any Manowar fans out there?  You're in for a bit of a treat, then.  Not only do we kick off with a bit of classic Manowar, we've also got a cover of another classic by a really rather excellent band (featuring a guest appearance) and something brand new from a certain Mr Friedman.  As usual, and probably more importantly, the commitment of The Forge to new music remains strong - new stuff from Jinjer, Five Finger Death Punch, Kaos Krew and Wishing Well amongst many others.

As with the last show, I stand by the guarantee.  If you don't hear something you've never heard before in this edition of The Forge, I'll personally come round to your house and give you your money back!

Mosh buffers to maximum, chums and let's do this!

Episode 5 · 1 year ago

WWRS: The Forge 2.05

It's nearly the end of February and here's your latest almost regular dose of new quality Metal.  In this show, myself and my furry co-presenter (who only sticks around for the first link - typical cat) introduce you to a load of stuff you've never heard before.  In fact, if this edition of WWRS: The Forge DOESN'T introduce you to something you've never heard before, you can have your money back.

And since I'm a Yorkshireman, that should help you understand how serious that I am about my commitment to new stuff.

Plus we also celebrate 50 years of Heavy Metal with a bit of classic Sabbath.  Because Heavy Metal officially started on Friday 13th February 1970 with the release of Black Sabbath's debut, which means Pete Townsend's assertion that Heavy Metal was invented by The Who when they released Live At Leeds 16th May 1970 is a bit wide of the mark (it was recorded the day AFTER the Sabbath album was released, so it's possible THE WHO COPIED SABBATH).

The cat has now met the pigeons....

Episode 6 · 1 year ago

WWRS: The Forge 2.04 - Like a bear with a sore head

This episode is brought to you by Aldi's Cookie Dough ice cream and the number.... erm.... 4?  Will that do the job?  I mean, it is the fourth 'cast of this Season 2 version of The Forge.  Anyway... loads and loads of new stuff plus some old stuff that's new, since it's never really been heard before.  Kind of makes you realize that Black Sabbath weren't the only ones ploughing the same furrow back in the late 60's and early 70's.  It's just that they got there first and they had something the others didn't that got them noticed.

Anyway, here's the show for your delectation.  If you like it, tell your friends.  If you don't... well... take a long walk off a short pier.  I don't care.

Episode 7 · 1 year ago

WWR: The Forge 2.03 - Where's My F**king Jetpack

This one was supposed to come out last week. The problem is, the release schedules hadn't really kicked in enough that I could do a full show. OK, I could have filled up the rest of the airtime with old stuff, but that's not what The Forge is all about. The Forge is all about new stuff, so I delayed the release until it was all new stuff bar a couple of songs that I love.

Since there's been a few more days of releases, the show is ready to roll out.

So here it is. The first edition of The Forge of 2020.

Now since we're now really officially in The Future, where's my f**king jetpack?!